LED Area Lights for Large Outdoor Areas

Our area site lighting solutions can light up large commercial areas. Whether they hang from pole or on an office building, our area site lighting fixtures are perfect for parking lots and construction zones.

Area Site Lighting (Street Lighting)

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MULTI-PURPOSE LED AREA LIGHT 13,000-39,000 Lumens - The MMFL3 & LMFL3 series is a group of architectural LED area luminaires designed to illuminate parking areas, pathways, building facades, loading docks, and a wide variety of other large, general site lighting applications. Multiple mounting options make the MMFL3 & LMFL3 a versatile luminaire for flood lighting, pole-, ground- and wall-mounted area lighting, and other outdoor lighting requirements.

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NHL- FLQ Power Adjustable Area Lights deliver extreme intensity and high lumen output for area light applications. Superior color, long life and high efficiency allows this luminaire to outperform traditional HID luminaires. The rugged housing and dedicated LED design offers advanced thermal management and protection against outdoor and semi-outdoor environments. Lighting quality and intensity provides benefits for safety and security.

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This slick and modern luminaire has been designed to handle any environment. 
With a beautiful slimline design along with one of the highest lumen performance on the market,
this versatile fixture can be used as a flood light or an area light,
including a multitude of mounting options, surge protection devices, 
IOT photocell capability, and the most technologically advanced LED's on the market,
the NHL-RMH2 is ready to conquer the lighting landscape.

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