Industrial & Commercial Interior Lighting Fixtures

New Horizon Lighting’s line of commercial interior LED fixtures are best used for illuminating industrial facilities, such as retail buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more. With their high-efficiency LEDs, these fixtures are guaranteed to last for long periods of time, while keeping maintenance costs down.


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Used for commercial and industrial rugged or outdoor applications.

LED Vapor Tight Fixture

Download VTE3 2' 25W Product PDF

Download VTE3 4' 44W Product PDF

Download VTE3 4' 75W Product PDF

Download VTE3 8' 90W Product PDF

New Horizon Lighting’s CBE2 fixtures are the ideal choice for any general illumination application. Providing smooth, even, light with dimming capabilities, our CBE2 fixtures are commonly used in offices, schools, and other commercial recessed grid indoor applications. With higher efficiency and a longer life over fluorescent fixtures, our CBE2 series offers substantial energy and maintenance savings. 

Download CBE2 1x4 34w PDF Download CBE2 2x2 24ww PDF Download CBE2 2x2 35w PDF Download CBE2 2x4 30w PDF Download CBE2 2x4 45w PDF