Direct/Indirect Lighting: Recessed Commercial LED Panels

Available in a wide range of grades and styles, efficient lensed-recess lighting is perfect for structures with dropped or grid ceilings. Chic choices blend elegantly into high-end retail outlets or offices, while economy-grade selections get the job done, without sacrificing quality.
Great for: Offices, kitchens, hallways, storage closets, and beyond


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New Horizon Lighting’s CBE2 fixtures are the ideal choice for any general illumination application. Providing smooth, even, light with dimming capabilities, our CBE2 fixtures are commonly used in offices, schools, and other commercial recessed grid indoor applications. With higher efficiency and a longer life over fluorescent fixtures, our CBE2 series offers substantial energy and maintenance savings. 

Download CBE2 1x4 34w PDF Download CBE2 2x2 24ww PDF Download CBE2 2x2 35w PDF Download CBE2 2x4 30w PDF Download CBE2 2x4 45w PDF