In warehousing and manufacturing environments, performance and efficiency are essential. Yesterday's high-intensity discharge lighting is giving way to new, easy-install choices that provide more light while lowering costs dramatically....

Great for: Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical companies, garages.

High Bays & Low Bays

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The NHL-LHBR2 is a round LED high bay luminaire, which is designed to illuminate a wide variety of settings, including commercial, industrial & retail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, sporting venues and big-box retailers. With a die cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens, the NHL-LHBR2 provides durability and high performance. High-efficacy, long-life LEDs provide both energy and maintenance cost savings compared to traditional, HID high bays.

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New Horizon Lighting’s LHBF2 High Bay fixtures are ideal for replacing HID and linear fluorescent high bay lights, offering high performance and long life. Various color temperatures and light uniformity will ensure comfortable and safe conditions to maximize productivity in industrial applications.

With an architectural grade I-Beam design, the driver channel is spaced away from the LEDs allowing for better airflow and thermal management. This unique design contributes to a significantly longer lifespan while increasing efficiency to as high as 132 lm/W.

With a variety of accessories, you can get even more out of your LHBF2 High Bay fixture. A popular addition is our  High Bay Occupancy Sensor , which New Horizon Lighting will factory install to save you time in the field. Take energy savings to the next level by not wasting energy illuminating an empty space. Never lose your high bay lighting when you really need it by attaching a  factory installed emergency battery  to the fixture. During a power outage, the emergency battery will ensure your lights remain on for a minimum of 90 minutes.

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New Horizon Lighting’s LED Highbay is a user friendly unit capable of delivering extrodinary performance to meet your lighting needs. Using the latest LED technology, the 4LHB can help you save money on energy and maintainence costs while providing the necessary illumination to keep your operation running smoothly. Currently available in four different wattages with multiple lumen packages, and two color temperatures, and a two foot sleek unit, the NHL-4LHB accepts all standard Highbay Accessories form New Horizon Lighting and is design to perform!

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