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WL Series

A low-profile two- or four-lamp wraparound.


A low-profile two- or four-lamp wraparound for use with one-piece prismatic lenses. New low profile ballast cover prevents center shadows.

Advanced microprism clear acrylic lens design provides excellent lamp obscuration. Linear sides provide excellent light distribution and put more light in task areas. Manufactured from durable DR/Acrylic polymer blend.

Lenses are manufactured from a high strength optical plastic material. Impact tests show that these outperform impact modified acrylic many times over with nearly identical optical properties-high transmission and smooth uniform color.

Features / Specifications:

Housing: Die-formed heavy-gauge steel. Side flanges add maximum rigidity.

Ends: Snap-on tightly to the housing. Formed tabs hold two slide-on sockets.

Ballast Cover: Snaps into housing to cover ballast and wires.

Finish: White polyester polymer with a minimum of 82% reflectivity.

Mounting: Units may be surface or stem mounted,individually or in continuous rows.



EM-Emergency Ballast

PM- Pendant Mount

ACH-Aircraft Cable Hangers

SEN-Motion Sensor

C/S-Cord Set - Specify Plug Configuration



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