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Vapor Tight

Sentry Series


When you need the finest available Gasketed Enclosures, New Horizon Lighting delivers with a completely dust- and moiture-free solution.

  • Sturdy enclosure constructed with a fiberglass upper body
  • High impact clear acrylic lens is standard for optimal light transmition.  
  • Locked-in-performance: The diffuser and upper components  are held tight by retaining latches for a slip-free seal


Features / Specifications:

Housing: Compression molded self-extinguishing fiberglass reinforced polyester compound with UL 5VA flame rating (ASTM D635-74) for gear tray types, and UL HB flame rating for strip types. F1 weatherability rating. 

Lens: High impact clear acrylic lens fits snuggly into gasket retention slot forming a continuous seal insuring no moisture makes it wasy inside of the fixture.  

IP 65 Rated



MB (Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket)

Stainless Steel Clips (Requires 6 per 4’ Section)

SR (Miro 4 Reflector) (Requires 1 per 4’ Section)

EM Ballast (1350 Lumen) Specify Voltage

ACH - Aircraft Cable Hanger

HPF - High Power Factor Ballast

LPF - Low Power Factor Ballast

PS - Program Start Ballast

C/S - Cord Set

SEN - Sensor




Wet and Damp Locations, Parking Garages, Food Processing Facilities


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