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Strip Series

1 or 2 Light Economy Strip


Features / Specifications:

An all-purpose 1-, 2- or 3-light economy strip with a wide range of lamping configurations. Strip cover snaps onto housing without any aditional hardware for ease of installation and maintenance. Side knockouts are provided for a convenience outlet, a pull switch and conduit. Chain hanger slots are provided on the sides and back.

Housing: Die-formed, 23 gauge, cold rolled steel (20 gauge upon request).

Cover: Snap-on type, no hardware necessary to simplify installation.

Ends and Socket Plates: Snap-in type. Ends also function as couplers for continuous row installations and have knockouts for conduit entry.

Finish: White polyester polymer with a minimum of 82% reflectivity.

Mounting: Designed for surface, stem or chain hanging. Can be installed as individual units or in continuous rows.



REF - Reflector System (consult with factory for options)
WG - 16 Guage Wire Guard
DIM - Dimming Ballast
EM - Emergency Ballast
HPF - High Power Factor
LPF - Low Power Factor
PS - Program Start
ACH - Aircraft Cable Hangers
PM - Pendant Mount
C/S - (Cord Set) Specify Plug Configuration



Suitable for commercial, light industrial and institutional applications: warehouses, production facilities, hopsitals, school and retail.


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