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Narrow Strip Series


Features / Specifications:

Available in a 1- or 2-lamp, this narrow body strip is suitable for those applications where a low profile unit is needed and is available in various lamp configurations. Strip cover snaps onto housing without any aditional hardware for ease of installation and maintenance. Side knockouts are provided for a convenience outlet, a pull switch and conduit. Chain hanger slots are provided on the sides and back.

Housing: Die-formed, 23 gauge,  cold rolled steel (20 gauge upon request).

Cover: Snap-on type, no hardware necessary to simplify installation.

Ends and Socket Plates: Snap-in type. Ends also function as couplers for continuous row installations and have knockouts for conduit entry.

Finish: White polyester polymer with a minimum of 82% reflectivity.

Mounting: Designed for surface, stem or chain hanging. Can be installed as individual units or in continuous rows.



WG - 16 Guage Wire Guard
DIM - Dimming Ballast
EM - Emergency Ballast
HPF - High Power Factor
LPF - Low Power Factor
PS - Program Start
ACH - Aircraft Cable Hangers
PM - Pendant Mount
C/S - (Cord Set) Specify Plug Configuration



Suitable for commercial, light industrial and institutional applications: warehouses, production facilities, hopsitals, school, cove lighting and retail.


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