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DAR Dual Arch Series LED

DAR Dual Arch Series LED


The DAR provides the look and feel of a fluorescent luminaire — subtle soft direct elements, interest and depth across the ceiling plane — with a contemporary look that blends with today’s commercial spaces.

The arched Lumieo lenses provides a diffused luminance, with the effective combination of excellent light transmission and haze.

Features / Specifications:

High performance optical engine delivers main beam focus through the optically designed acrylic lens. Lumieo® acrylic diffuser manages the balance of efficiency and aesthetics. Linear arrayed LED modules provide diffuse, but effective illumination. LED light engine by LG Innotek. DLC approved.

  • Housing: Low profile troffer body with white enamel finish.
  • Direct Optical Component: High reflectance optical engine.
  • Diffuser Surround: Lumieo acrylic diffuser center "V" adds character to the optical assembly.
  • Luminaire Type: Recessed troffer fixture body assembly 2'x2' and 2'x4' size.
  • Light Source: LED light engine includes 50 chip board and matching driver from LG Innotek.
  • Finish Pre-painted white polyster polymer with minimum 82% reflectivity
  • Dimming: Features and Benefits
    • Dual Switching Available 
    • Constant Current
    • 0-10v dimming
    • LM80
    • 120-277v universal voltage
    • Traditional narrow form factor fits fluorescent footprint




For recessed commercial applications such as offices, hospitals, schools etc. Suitable for use in standard 15/16” inverted T-Bar grid ceilings.


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