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LED EM Backups



New Horizon Lighting proudly offers our filed installable LED emergency battery packs available in five different outputs to fulfill your emergency lighting needs! These constant current LED Emergency battery packs are easy to install and will provide a minimum of 90 minutes of emergency illumination. UL listed for damp locations and filed installation.

Features / Specifications:

ILLUMINATION - Provides constant power output to the load during emergency mode operation. Can be operated as NORMALLY-ON, NORMALLY-OFF or SWITCHED LOAD.

ELECTRICAL - Universal 120-277V, 50/60Hz input. Charge/Power "ON" LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandate code compliance testing. Long life, maintneance free, rechargeable NiCad Battery. Output short/overcurrent protection: Electronic limiting, with normal operation resuming upon removal of fault. 90 Minute minimum emergency operating time over full temperature range (other run times available upon request). Output classification: Class 2 Compliant. Surge protection: Per C62.41 (TVS). Input overcurrent protection: Fusible link. 24 Hour maximum battery recharge time.

HOUSING - LED illuminated and remote mounted test switch. Injection-molded, engineering grade, 5VA flame retadant, high impact resistant, thermoplastic in a black finish.

Mounting - Suitable for installation inside, on top, or in remote mount of the fixture. 




WARRANTY/LISTING - UL Classified for factory or field installation. Suitable for damp locations (0°C-50°C). 5 Year Warranty on all electroncis and housing. Meets UL924, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NEC, OSHA, Local and State codes.




Determine Electrical Compatibility
A) Verify that the Luminaire LED Driver, where applicable, is Class 2 compliant.
B) Verify that the Luminaire LED Lamp(s) have an operating voltage between 20Vdc and 50Vdc.
C) Verify that the Luminaire LED Lamp(s) have a power rating equal to, or greater than, the emergency power rating of the BLEDEM-CP model
under consideration.

Calculate Lumen Output During Emergency Operation
A) Access luminaire data by logging onto Design Lites Consortium (
B) Select “Search the DLC Qualified Product List’ on the DLC homepage.
C) Enter manufacturer name and P/N of luminaire under consideration in the “search by
keyword” text window.
D) Select ”Search” tab to open the “Qualified Products List”.
E) Determine luminaire Lumens per Watt efficacy in “Rated Data” specifications.
F) Multiply luminaire Lumens per Watt by Emergency Output of the BLEDEM-CP model
under consideration


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