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Inverter Series



Features / Specifications:

DESCRIPTION- Mini-electrical inverter systems for powering up to 220W/250VA of incandescent, fl uorescent, induction or LED
lighting loads. Pulse width modulated (PWM) output design provides clean, 60 Hz. sinusoidal emergency power to loads.• Models are available for surface, recessed or T-Grid mounting as required.

ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS-Input• Input Voltages: 120 or 277VAC ±10%• Input Frequencies: 60Hz ±2%
• Input Protection: AC Line Fuses Output • Output Voltages: (60Hz) 120 or 277VAC • Effi ciency Rating: 98% at full rated load (line) • Waveform: Sinusoidal (digitally controlled) • Static Voltage: ±5% during battery discharge. 0-100% linear load. • Output Frequencies: 60Hz. ±0.3Hz during emergency cycle• Output Distortion: Less than 3% THD (linear load)• Transfer Time: Less than 1.0 second• Load Power Factor Range: 0.44 Lead to 0.44 Lag
• Minimum Loading: 0% of rated system capacity• Output Protection: Line and inverter fuses

HOUSING-• Heavy duty steel cabinet is fi nished in white baked-on powder paint providing scratch and corrosion resistance.• Optional special color paint (-SP) fi nishes are available, consult factory.

MOUNTING-• Surface Mount (Standard Models): Surface mount models are designed for mounting to walls by means of keyhole slots provided in the back of the unit housing. • Recess Mount (SPS-55/125, SPS-110/125 Only): Recess models provide recess mounting holes on both sides of the enclosure. • T-Grid Mount (SPS-55/125, SPS-110/125 Only): Housing design allows simple drop-in installation between T-grid runs. Safety wires (supplied by others) are required for attachment to building structure.



WARRANTY / LISTING-• Unit: (excluding lamps) Full coverage against defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years from date of shipment. • Battery: 3 years full warranty plus an additional 7 years of pro-rata coverage.
• All models are UL924 Listed and meet NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NEC, OSHA, Local and State Codes. Optional T-Grid models are plenum rated. • UL Listed for damp locations (20° - 30°C).


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