Energy Efficient Lighting

New incentive for lighting and building efficiency.


In warehousing and manufacturing environments, performance and efficiency are essential. Yesterday’s high-intensity discharge lighting is giving way to new, easy-install choices that provide more light while lowering costs dramatically.

Great for: Offices, kitchens, hallways, storage closets, and beyond



  • LWL LED Wrap Around Series
  • LPWL LED Puff Series
  • LSW Security Series


  • WL Wrap Around Series
  • PWL Puff Series
  • SW Security Series
  • SCB Surface Center Basket Series




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Available in a wide range of grades and styles, efficient lensed-recess lighting is perfect for structures with dropped or grid ceilings. Chic choices blend elegantly into high-end retail outlets or offices, while economy-grade selections get the job done, without sacrificing quality.

Great for: Offices, kitchens, hallways, storage closets, and beyond





Aesthetic-minded clients seeking efficiency and style find a range of direct and indirect lighting options with architectural flair. Softer than other lighting choices and available in recessed and wall-mounted styles, they’re the ideal accent to your gorgeous design.

Great for: Corporate offices, schools, retail, and beyond







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Straight-forward and designed to perform, strip lighting is a solid day-to-day lighting option. The ideal selection for task-lighting suited to targeted applications, strips offer low cost, reliable operation, and serious bottom-line savings.

Great for: Coves, storage closets, work areas, and beyond



  • LSL LED Strip Light Series


  • IND Industrial Series
  • SL Strip Series
  • SS Staggered Strip Series
  • NSL Narrow Strip Series




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Up to code and available in a range of styles, we offer a complete line of exit lights for any installation, from die-cast and edge-lit options to strong polycarbonates. Safety features include battery back-up, long lamp life, and automated operation that keep exits safely illuminated.

Great for: Any public building!



  • DCC Die Cast Combo
  • PC Lightpipe Combo
  • BCL Basic LED Combo
  • NYBC NY Basic Combo


  • BE Basic Exit
  • BELP Basic Exit Low Profile
  • BERC Basic Exit Remote Capable
  • DCE Die Cast Exit
  • DCLP Die Cast Exit Low Profile


  • SED Surface Edgelit
  • RED Recessed Edgelit
  • ESED E Series Edgelit


 Self Luminous


 Wet Location

  • WC Combo
  • WLE Exit Only
  • WLC LED Combo


Vandal Shield & Wire Guard


When the grid goes down, emergency lighting takes over, keeping your building occupants safe and guiding the path of egress. Protect your occupants during an energy failure or brownout with a complete range of emergency lights that meet code and are up to the job when it counts.

Great for: Any public building


Remote Heads

  • MR16 MR16 Lamps
  • WP Weather Proof
  • RH LED Lamps


Wet Location



Vandal Shield & Wire Guard



When it’s time to upgrade your lighting, you don’t always need to start from scratch. We specialize in retrofits that can work within your existing footprint. Upgrade your lighting to a new, energy-efficient solution with a range of easy-to-install lighting options.

Great for: Any organization looking for serious savings


LED Retrofit Kits

LED Retrofit Kits creat a more inviting space with increased light levels at a fraction of the cost of a new fixture.  A typical replacement of a 400 watt metal halide will allow you to use a 56 watt LED Retrofit Kit, wich incurs significant savings over a short period of time. 

An LED retrofit kit gives you:

  • Increased Light Output
  • Reduced Electricity and Maintenance Costs
  • Fast and Easy Installation

Consult New Horizon Lighting for a custom retrofit kit tailored for your existing fixtures.


  • LWVT Wide Vapor Tight Series
  • HPW High Power Wrap Series
  • LHBF2 Gen 2 High Bay Series
  • NHL4 Series High Bay
  • HPW Low Bay

Simple, modern LED lighting perfect for walkways and landscape lighting.









Poles and Brackets

New Horizon Lighting offers a wide variety of poles and brackets.

We also offer a full line of various mounting accessories for our exterior fixtures. Slipfitters for tennon tops and square poles as well as multiple style bullhorns and other brackets to fit a wide variety of poles and fixtures. 

Custom colors and sizes are available upon request. Please consult factory if you need specification sheets or any additional information. 

Poles range from 8-40 ft. with custom sizes available.


New Horizon Lighting carries a full line of lighting accessories.


  • LensesCustom and standard sizes available in acrylic and polt carbonate with prismatic patterns, frost, high transmission and other styles available.
  • Aircraft Cable Hangers - A better alternative to Jack Chain, our completely tool-less aricraft cable hangers make installing our fixtures fast and easy.  Standard lengths available from 60to 240 inches.  Consult factory for additional sizes and configurations.
  • Pendant Kits - Feed and non-feed kits available in custom lenghts and colors.
  • Wireguards - Wire guards offered in custom and standard sizes as well as different guages for most of our fixtures.
  • Flange Kits - 1x4, 2x2 amd 2x4 flange kits available for hard ceiling installations.
  • Cord Sets - Twist lock, straight blade and bare end whips available in various lenghts and configurations.  We can also provide a mudular wiring system, greatly reducing install time.
  • Batteries - Replacement batteries available for exit and emergency lights.

 Consult Factory for additional sizes, configurations and any other information.



LED Vapor Proof Fixtures.  Die-Cast Constructions with Box, Wall and Pendant Mount Options.



Box Mount


Pendant Mount


Wall Mount


New Horizon Lighting offers a full line of both Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts and LED Emergency Drivers, as well as a series of Inverter systems. All units are designed to provide emergency illumination up to Life Safety Code Standards. 



Flourescent Emergency Battery Back Up


LED Emergency       Batttery Back Up



  Inverter Series


  • SPS Emerceny Power System
  • MPS Micro Emergency Power System


New Horizon Lighting is proud to offer our LED Dock light! Suitable to replace any older HID or Incandescent dock light, and available in multiple lumen packages and custom colors. Two arms lengths also available to meet your mounting requirements. 



Dock Light



New Horizon Light has a wide array of both LED and Fluorescent Wall Bracket Fixtures to fit your application. Whether you need a stairwell fixture with integrated controls, something functional and appealing for your lobby, or an ADA Compliant unit, we have a fixture to fit the bill!




  • LWB LED Wall Bracket Series
  • LCWB LED Crescent Wall Bracket Series (ADA Compliant)
  • LRWB LED Rounded Wall Bracket Series
  • LTZWB LED Trapazoid Wall Bracket Series
  • LSTW LED STW Series
  • LSTWS LED STW Shallow Series (ADA Compliant) 
  • LSTWV LED STW Vandal Resistant Series
  • LSTWSW LED STW Stariwell Series


  • WB Wall Bracket Series
  • RWB Rounded Wall Bracket Series
  • CWB Crescent Wall Bracket Series (ADA Compliant)
  • TZWB Trapazoid Wall Bracket Series
  • STW STW Series
  • STWS STW Shallow Series (ADA Compliant) 
  • STWV STW Vandal Resistant Series
  • STWSW STW Stariwell Series



Interior Lighting

Cloud Fixtures

Wrap Fixtures

Strip Fixtures

Flat Pannel Fixtures

Interior Lighting

Center Basket Fixtures

Vapor Tight Fixtures

Recessed Retrofit 

Highbay Fixtures

Exterior Lighting

Spot Lights

Flood Lights

Wall Packs

Canopy Fixtures


Moisture can destroy or impede the performance of many fixtures. This is where vapor tights come in. Designed specifically for high-moisture environments, vapor tights are fully enclosed and completely sealed keep the humidity out – ensuring continued, efficient performance.

Great for: Parking garages, food service, parks, boardwalks, car washes, and beyond



  • LWVT LED Wide Vapor Tight Series
  • LVT LED Vapor Tight Series
  • LNVTS LED Narrow Weatherproof Series
  • LVTS LED Economy Vapor Tight Series
  • DCVT  LED Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum Series
  • DCVT2 LED Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum 2' Series
  • DCVT4 LED Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum 4' Series


  • VT Vapor Tight Sentry Series
  • NVT Narrow Weatherproof Series
  • WVT Wide Vapor Tight Series




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In an age of green construction and LEED certification, LED lighting is at least a consideration for any new project or lighting upgrade. Designed to achieve the same levelsof performance as more traditional lighting, LED is all about making an investment in high-efficiency that lowers operating costs over time.

LEED and DLC-Approved
New Horizon Lighting stocks a wide array of LED and DLC-approved commercial lighting fixtures, and can work with you one-on-one to bring your vision to light. The unquestioned efficiency of LED lighting must be balanced with their higher initial cost to determine an equitable ROI. Given New Horizon’s extensive experience in energy cost analysis, there is no better partner to help you determine where and how LED lighting makes sense in your organization.


Wall Packs








  • CM Round Bulkhead Grid Frame
  • CMS Square Bulkhead Grid Frame
  • EL Round Bulkhead Half Cutoff
  • ELS Square Bluckhead Half Cutoff
  • RO Round Bulkhead Open Frame
  • ROS Square Bulkhead Open Frame
  • MSS Small Moonglow Bulkhead
  • MSL Large Moonglow Bulkhead             






 Area Lighting






  • 8SVR 8"x8" Canopy
  • 12SVR 12"x12" Canopy
  • 12SVRS 12"x12" Shallow Canopy
  • CVG15 15" Round Canopy
  • RRSC2 Round Canopy
  • PSSC Square Canopy
  • PRSC Round Canopy
  • SMS Low Profile Garage Lighter
  • SSMS Low Profile Garage Lighter with Sensor



Poles and Brackets







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