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Wall Brackets

New Horizon Light has a wide array of both LED and Fluorescent Wall Bracket Fixtures to fit your application. Whether you need a stairwell fixture with integrated controls, something functional and appealing for your lobby, or an ADA Compliant unit, we have a fixture to fit the bill!




  • LWB LED Wall Bracket Series
  • LCWB LED Crescent Wall Bracket Series (ADA Compliant)
  • LRWB LED Rounded Wall Bracket Series
  • LTZWB LED Trapazoid Wall Bracket Series
  • LSTW LED STW Series
  • LSTWS LED STW Shallow Series (ADA Compliant) 
  • LSTWV LED STW Vandal Resistant Series
  • LSTWSW LED STW Stariwell Series


  • WB Wall Bracket Series
  • RWB Rounded Wall Bracket Series
  • CWB Crescent Wall Bracket Series (ADA Compliant)
  • TZWB Trapazoid Wall Bracket Series
  • STW STW Series
  • STWS STW Shallow Series (ADA Compliant) 
  • STWV STW Vandal Resistant Series
  • STWSW STW Stariwell Series