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Vapor Tights

Moisture can destroy or impede the performance of many fixtures. This is where vapor tights come in. Designed specifically for high-moisture environments, vapor tights are fully enclosed and completely sealed keep the humidity out – ensuring continued, efficient performance.

Great for: Parking garages, food service, parks, boardwalks, car washes, and beyond



  • LWVT LED Wide Vapor Tight Series
  • LVT LED Vapor Tight Series
  • LNVTS LED Narrow Weatherproof Series
  • LVTS LED Economy Vapor Tight Series
  • DCVT  LED Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum Series
  • DCVT2 LED Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum 2' Series
  • DCVT4 LED Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum 4' Series


  • VT Vapor Tight Sentry Series
  • NVT Narrow Weatherproof Series
  • WVT Wide Vapor Tight Series




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