Energy Efficient Lighting

New incentive for lighting and building efficiency.


In an age of green construction and LEED certification, LED lighting is at least a consideration for any new project or lighting upgrade. Designed to achieve the same levelsof performance as more traditional lighting, LED is all about making an investment in high-efficiency that lowers operating costs over time.

LEED and DLC-Approved
New Horizon Lighting stocks a wide array of LED and DLC-approved commercial lighting fixtures, and can work with you one-on-one to bring your vision to light. The unquestioned efficiency of LED lighting must be balanced with their higher initial cost to determine an equitable ROI. Given New Horizon’s extensive experience in energy cost analysis, there is no better partner to help you determine where and how LED lighting makes sense in your organization.


Wall Packs

 Sports Lighting 


  • S-Wedge Small Wedge
  • M-Wedge Medium Wedge
  • L-Wedge Large Wedge
  • CS Rounded Sconce
  • RSR Crescent Sconce
  • PRS Decorative Roound Sconce
  • PSS Decorative Square Sconce
  • TBD - Up/Down Light
  • TBUD - Up or Down Light





  • CM Round Bulkhead Grid Frame
  • CMS Square Bulkhead Grid Frame
  • EL Round Bulkhead Half Cutoff
  • ELS Square Bluckhead Half Cutoff
  • RO Round Bulkhead Open Frame
  • ROS Square Bulkhead Open Frame
  • MSS Small Moonglow Bulkhead
  • MSL Large Moonglow Bulkhead             






 Area Lighting






  • 8SVR 8"x8" Canopy
  • 12SVR 12"x12" Canopy
  • 12SVRS 12"x12" Shallow Canopy
  • CVG15 15" Round Canopy
  • RRSC2 Round Canopy
  • PSSC Square Canopy
  • PRSC Round Canopy
  • SMS Low Profile Garage Lighter
  • SSMS Low Profile Garage Lighter with Sensor
  • ECLP Canopy Series



Poles and Brackets







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