Energy Efficient Lighting

New incentive for lighting and building efficiency.


The quality of light that greets your patients sets the tone for the entire patient experience. Designing that experience is business critical for retirement communities and high-end medical service providers, but is a growing concern among major medical providers as well. The key takeaway: better light doesn’t have to mean higher cost. We specialize in helping health facilities achieve better lighting solutions that drive ROI.


Elevated Energy-Efficiency

Budgets are tighter than ever before, and a critical look at energy costs can go a long way towards bridging the gap. At New Horizon Lighting, we combine safety, performance, and upgraded efficiency to help our clients realize true savings – not just initially, but over time. Get in touch and see how our experience can become your budgetary advantage.


Recent client success stories: Hunterdon Medical Center, Centrastate, Monmouth Medical Center, Millenium Eyecare


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